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The Japanese Maple specialist
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Browse our popular collection of more than 1000 varieties of Japanese maple, for example, acer palmatum. Some are unique in Europe and can be grown in the ground, withstanding different climates.

If you’re interested in the world of bonsai visit www.maillot-bonsai.com.

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Fertilizer for bonsai and acer Basacote High K 6M Fertilizer for bonsai and acer Basacote High K 6M ref : 10502 11,30 Hosta 'first frost' Hosta 'first frost'ref : 6795 7,00 HAIBARA HAIBARAref : 390 23,00 nandina domestica twilight ® nandina domestica twilight ®ref : 10459 16,50 saxifraga fortunei mai hime saxifraga fortunei mai himeref : 10062 11,50 acer matsumurae seeds shigitatsu sawa acer matsumurae seeds shigitatsu sawaref : 1215 6,00 KUZU KUZUref : 608 27,50 Two pack: 1 Vital Plus, 1 autumn bonsai food Two pack: 1 Vital Plus, 1 autumn bonsai foodref : 5242 6,00 acer shirasawanum moonrise ® PBR acer shirasawanum moonrise ® PBRref : 9342 23,00 DISSECTUM GARNET DISSECTUM GARNETref : 295 27,50 acer amoenum seeds nicholsonii acer amoenum seeds nicholsoniiref : 68 6,00 ITAMI NISHIKI ITAMI NISHIKIref : 483 23,00


On Maillot bonsai shop delivery is our duty.
On Maillot bonsai shop delivery is our duty.


Open dor on maillot bonsai from october 3 to 11 included.
10-12 and 14-18 o'clock, including Sunday. Come and visit the Maillot-Bonsaï nursery in Relevant, France. There is an exhibition of the finest bonsai from Japan, plus you're invited to tour Monsieur Maillot's personal Japanese garden and view the magnificent koi carp. Bonsai , pottery, tools, garden trees, niwaki, maple and stone lantern. Pépinière MAILLOT BONSAI Le Bois Frazy 01990 Relevant France Tel +33 (0)4 74 55 23 48 Fax +33 (0)4 74 55 21 18 Email contact@maillot-bonsai.com GPS N 46.10016 - E 4.95034

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Logo maillot-erable
The Japanese Maple specialist
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