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nandina domestica twilight ® nandina domestica twilight ® ref : 10459 Nandina domestica Twilight Nursery piece delivered in plastic pot Height of the only tree : about 300-400 mm. Dense clump ramified at its base with many trunks. This japanese species also called sacred bamboo is a shrub with evergreen foliage. Along years it could reach 1 meter height. Its spring foliage is very bright and is composed of pink leaves at budding that turn creamy white, as it get older the leaves take darker tones. However the new shoots are always amazing with their bright coloration. With the arrival of the first frost, the foliage will take a red/orange color and it will last all along the winter period. This species cultivated in Japan with a wet and hot climate in a full sunlight exposure, requires to be at semi shade in our region. Flowering in white grapes that will give red orange berries. This shrub will fit perfect in small gardens, japanese gardens but also on terrraces for a pot cultivation. To tell you the little story, it was born in 2006 from a nandina domestica seedling. The japanese nursery man who obtained the variety is called Mr Sakaue, from colorful garden in Osaka, he then sold the license to the USA and then in Europe to The Netherlands, where it obbtained a prize at the famous Platarium exhibition in Boskoop. It is currently a protected variety and the multiplication is prohibited. The two last pictures show the plant that came from the first seedling and its 5000 descendants in Mr Sakaue's greenhouse who kept it like a treasure, Thank you to him for sharing that superb variety with us. 16,50 order
1 2       results 1 - 20 / 31

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The Japanese Maple specialist
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