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Laying child garden sculpture jizo bosatsu Laying child garden sculpture jizo bosatsu ref : 12023 Magnificent authentic granite sculpture depicting a child holding a bell in their arms, upon which rests a mouse. In Japanese, it is called "jizo bosatsu." The dimensions of this artwork are: it stands 40 cm tall and is approximately 50 cm long, with a width of 23 cm. The sculpture, crafted in a single piece, elegantly rests on a base measuring 45 * 23 cm. Despite its imposing weight of around 55 kilograms, this creation radiates with lightness. This charming character embodies youth with a posture reminiscent of the sphinx, exuding an aura of innocence and curiosity. Every detail has been meticulously handcrafted, reflecting energetic and cheerful execution. The presence of bells, traditional ornaments from ancient Shinto shrines, adds a touch of tradition and spirituality to the artwork. The bells, called "suzus," were used to capture the attention of Kami, the divine spirits. Next to the child, a mouse, symbolizing intelligence and contemplation, is depicted. It is believed to ward off problems and promote mental clarity, thus enhancing work efficiency and success in endeavors. This sculpture encapsulates the timeless beauty and profound significance of Japanese culture, while infusing your space with elegance and serenity. Our granite elements, stones, and stepping stones are usually kept outdoors. Indeed, the patina and aged appearance thus acquired (lichen and moss) provide an additional layer of authenticity, greatly cherished in the art of classic Japanese gardens. 920,00 order
      results 1 - 13 / 13

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