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Help - Serenity package

What brings me the SERENITY PACK?

What brings me the SERENITY PACK?

Presentation of the Serenity Pack :

The Serenity Pack amounts to a complementary insurance that guarantee you the replacement or the repayment to 100% of your article(s) having sudden - an accidental breaking, a steal or an accidental deterioration during the delivery. With the Serenity Pack, also benefits from a technical support during the 30 days following the purchase (advice, tricks on the use of your articles).

Calculation of the Pack Serenity :

The amount of the Pack is proportional to a rate of 7% of the amount of your purchases in the basket, out discount and out expenses of port. The minimum amount of the Pack is inclusive of tax of 3 euros.

The Transportation:

At MAILLOT BONSAI, your satisfaction is our priority and we put everything we can to offer you a blameless service. The perfect condition of all our articles is verified before every expedition. All our plants have a conditioning and a packing especially studied to cross the logistical chain until it arrives to you, in a perfect condition. However if an incident occurred during the transportation (on delivery, you discover that the product is either deteriorated or broken), we assured, to our expenses, the products against the breaking. Contrary to most of our colleagues, the transportation isn't at YOUR own risks and perils and WE assure (to our expenses) the responsibility of it in case of incident.

How does that work?

We remind you, for your satisfaction, that the guarantee against the breaking and stealing cannot take place if the case arises, on  receipt of your packet, YOU did and noted the necessary observations on the delivery man's slip: crushed packet, destroyed merchandise, opened packet, x missing articles, packet whose inside is damaged, x (number of pieces), stolen pieces... 

WARNING: The following observations ARE NOT RECEIVABLE BY the insurance because considered like too general: 

Subject to unpacking, opened parcel or carton, dented parcel, parcel partially tore, bad condition parcel, Trace of shock, Received the merchandise in bad condition.

 To be receivable your remarks must fill 3 conditions: 

  • They must be formulated in writing, therefore to appear on the transportation document. 
  • They must be precise, that is to say,  you have to bring information about the condition of the content of the packet and not the outside aspect, 
  • They must be complete; it should appear the exact number of articles damaged. Thus, if you have a doubt, TAKE THE TIME, in presence of the delivery man to open the packet and to verify its content. We advise you to insist, taking this time with the delivery man who, in any case, won't be able to leave without your signature.

WARNING: once the delivery is done, the insurance against deterioration or the despoiling doesn't take place anymore because the transfer of the risks to the customer intervenes as soon as the parcel is given by the delivery man to the customer.

In hope all have been explained clearly.

Customer Satisfaction Service , MAILLOT BONSAI

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Secure payment


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